Blast Doors - Bullet Doors - Marine Doors - Hollow Metal Steel Doors

Deansteel Manufacturing Compnay
60 Years - 1958 to 2018
Bullet & Blast - Clientele
  • ATF Facility
  • Brinks:  Numerous Brinks facilities across the country.
  • Courthouse Alterations; Ft. Smith, AR
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Healthcare System: Martinez, CA
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • General Electrics: Numerous jobs
  • Homeland Security Facility; California
  • Hubbard Police Station; Hubbard, NY
  • JFK Federal Building; Boston, MA
  • Justice Center; Birmingham, AL
  • M&I Bank branch, Arizona
  • Oklahoma Department of Corrections; Oklahoma City, OK
  • Olympia Police Station Olympia Fields, IL
  • Police Headquarters; Scranton, PA
  • Police Headquarters; Herndon, VA
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard: Guardhouse, Security gates, & Perimeter towers; Kittery, ME
  • Safe rooms in diplomat and celebrity residences
  • Sangamon County 911 Facility; Springfield, IL
  • US Air Force: Gate Security Improvements; Randolph AFB; San Antonio, TX
  • US Navy: Guard Booth, Office, & Security Gates; Rota, Spain
  • US Naval Air Station: Gate Security Improvements; Newport, RI
  • US Naval Assault Base: Gate Security Improvements; Little Creek NAB; Norfolk, VA
  • US Naval Submarine Base: Guardhouse & Security gates, & Perimeter towers; Groton, CT
  • Washington State University; Pullman, WA
  • West St. Paul Police Pistol Range; St. Paul, MN