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60 Years - 1958 to 2018
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Door with 161 Lock Preparations
Both 1 3/8" [35mm] and 1 3/4" [45mm] doors are prepared for cylindrical locksets with 2 3/4" [70mm] backset. Internal reinforcing for lock is 20 Ga. [.08mm] and spotwelded inside the door.
Hinge Reinforcement
7 Ga. [4.3mm] hinge reinforcement is projection welded to a continuous channel. The hole pattern in the hinge provides for reversible swing doors as well as heavy weight and standard weight hinge combination.
Door With Mortise Blank Lock Preparations
1 3/4" [45mm] standard doors are available in mortise blank lock preparation. 16 Ga. [1.3mm] internal reinforcing is spotwelded inside the door.;
Standard Door Construction
16 Ga. [1.3mm] hinge, lock and top & bottom channels provide the strength and durability normally associated with custom or security metal doors.
Overlapping "Z" type astragal provides wind and weather protection of meeting edges of pairs doors.
Glass Light Frame
20 Ga. [.08mm] steel light frame with glass retention for 1 3/4" [45mm] doors.
Polystyrene Core (Standard)
Polystyrene of one pound per cubic foot density provides a continuous bond of core to face sheets and low thermal conductivity.
Multi-Fit Replacement Door
Blank door has continuous 16 Ga. [1.3mm] Hinge Channel with 10 Ga. [3.4mm] reinforcement. Full height. Simply remove edge skin and drill and tap for hinges. Available from 14 stock variations.