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Self Storage Steel Swinging Doors

Click to EnlargeDeansteel Manufacturing has manufactured ten’s of thousands of steel swinging doors for the mini-warehouse/self storage industry for over 35 years. Deansteel Manufacturing can manufacture conventional 1 3/4” or 1 3/8” hollow metal door or Deansteel’s Econo Door units. The 1 3/4” or 1 3/8” conventional doors can be made to any hinge and lock location and either prime or finish painted to any color.

The Deansteel Econo Door is a single skin 20 gauge steel door with steel cross bracing on the back side of the door. This design eliminates about half of the steel used in manufacturing the door. The top and bottom channels and lock and hinge reinforcements are made from 16 gauge steel. These doors can be retrofitted to an existing hollow metal frame that is already in place, instead of using conventional hollow metal doors. The Econo Door can also be finished painted in any color.

Econo Door & Frame units are supplied with the doors prehung in the frame with installed hinges and slide latch bolt. Installation of the Econo door and frame unit is quick and easy with the “Z” type design of the door frame. Application of the “Z” type frame to the opening can be done in a variety of ways to many different wall conditions. The Econo frames are made from 16 gauge cold rolled steel with a 3” face to effortlessly accommodate irregular openings.

Standard Builders Hardware weather stripping can help prevent the weather and dust contaminants from entering the storage unit and can be easily installed on to the Deansteel Econo and Hollow Metal door & frame assemblies.

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