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60 Years - 1958 to 2018
Hollow Metal Standard Doors
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Deansteel standard doors are manufactured from stretcher level quality, cold rolled steel. The polystyrene core insures a continuous bond of metal skin to core. The polystyrene core also provides good sound deadening qualities and low thermal conductivity.

All standard doors are thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to inhibit corrosion and increase paint adherence. A one coat primer provides further protection from corrosion and serves as an excellent base for field painting.
Standard Door Dimensions:

Width: 2' 0" through 4' 0"
Heights: 6' 8", 7' 0" and 8' 0"
Thickness: 1-3/8" and 1-3/4"
Door sizes are nominal. Doors have 1/8" clearance on top, lock edge and hinge edges. Standard door clearance for threshold is 3/4"

Deansteel standard doors are available in 1-3/8" [35mm] and 1-3/4" [45mm] thickness and constructed of 16 [1.3mm], 18 [1.0mm] and 20 [.08mm] ga. cold rolled steel or paint grip steel. Also available on a custom order basis are doors constructed of zinc-coated steel and stainless steel sheets.

Doors are available in all popular standard widths and 6'-8" [2032mm], 7'-0" [2134mm] and 8'-0" [2438mm] heights. Door hardware preparation includes 1-1/2 pair 4-1/2" [113mm] hinges on 6'-8" [2032mm] and 7'-0" [2134mm] doors, and 2 pair 4-1/2" [113mm] hinges on 8'-0" [2438mm] doors. Lock preparations include cylindrical government series 161, government series 86 mortise blank and rim and vertical rod exit device reinforcement.

All doors and frames meet or exceed specifications set forth by the Steel Door Institute.